Australian Mid Cap Fund

About the Fund

The Paradice Australian Mid Cap Strategy does not bias value or growth but ensures the fund buys stocks that are cheaper than the market relative to their growth profile.

The process of selecting a stock involves meeting with the companies themselves, other competitors or private businesses in the same industry as well as with analysts who specialise in the respective fields. The key focus area is on management, the current and future cash flows to the providers of capital and the quality of the balance sheet. The strategy is bottom up focussed but very aware of the broader macro drivers. Once the research and analysis process is complete the team’s assessment of value relative to risk will determine the inclusion and weighting of 30-70 stocks in the portfolio. Given the bottom up portfolio construction process the sector weights are more of an outcome of the stock selection process, however the overall portfolio construction process takes into consideration risks such as liquidity and industry concentration.

The strategy is not precluded from investing in stocks not held by the index however they must fall within the investment universe meaning the fund will stay true to its Mid Cap investment objective.

Fund Objective

The Paradice Australian Mid Cap Fund aims to outperform its Composite Index: 70% S&P ASX Mid Cap 50 Index and 30% of the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Index by 3% pa over three year periods (after management fees and before tax).

Who can invest?

The Paradice Australian Mid Cap Fund is available for direct investments by Wholesale Investors (Please refer to the how to invest page of our website). Retail Investors please speak to a financial planner about accessing the Fund via a platform service or contact our retail sales staff.

Platform Availability

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Retail Sales Team Contacts

Jude Fernandez
National Sales Manager VIC/TAS/SA/WA
Tel: 02 8227 7423
Mobile: 0414 604 772

Dario Conte
Key Account Manager NSW/ACT/QLD
Tel: 02 8227 7417
Mobile: 0478 322 084

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